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  • International Overdose Day: 31 August

    International Overdose Day: 31 August

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    “I felt her body next to mine; she was cold. I tried to wake her, felt for a pulse, nothing. I carried her to the shower and tried to revive her. I did CPR but it was too late. Four years later, the scene still replays clearly in my mind. Such a waste of somebody… Read more

  • Be someone’s Piglet today

    Be someone’s Piglet today

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    “There is no bigger joy than when our beloved childhood books continue to teach us about life even in adulthood,” says Estelle Raath, the deputy manager of Sanca Wedge Gardens treatment centre in Johannesburg. “This little excerpt from the famous book by AA Milne offers us a timely reminder of why it is very beneficial… Read more

  • Former addict lights the way for people in recovery

    Former addict lights the way for people in recovery

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    At 11 years of age, James Donovan started drinking. At 13, he was smoking weed and when he was barely out of his teens, he exchanged a sexual favour for a meagre R50 hit. The boy who just wanted to fit in became the adult who lived on the streets, who was unemployable and virtually… Read more

  • Anxiety in COVID times

    Anxiety in COVID times

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    Registered nurse Estelle Raath shares her experiences of the general anxiety that has become so commonplace during the global coronavirus pandemic: I am not even an anxious person – organised, but definitely not anxious. So what is happened to me during the COVID-19 pandemic? I think as a frontline worker, the fear and anxiety cause… Read more

  • Mindfulness is a great coping skill

    Mindfulness is a great coping skill

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    MINDFULNESS: the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we are doing. Mindfulness a great coping skill, says Karen Griessel, a social worker at Sanca rehab centre Wedge Gardens in Johannesburg. She writes: It is fair to say that the world around us has changed significantly and for… Read more

  • Awesome Adèl turns 60!

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    Fittingly, Wedge Gardens manager Adèl Grobbelaar’s birthday falls on Women’s Day, August 9. This year, she turned a significant 60 and to celebrate, her colleagues organised a surprise breakfast party on August 5. “It was the most sanitised birthday we have ever celebrated,” laughs Wedge Gardens deputy manager Estelle Raath. “Working with Adèl every day… Read more

  • Illegal cigarettes and substance abuse

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    South Africa has banned the sale of cigarettes during lockdown to slow the spread of COVID-19 but the big illegal cigarette brands are now the best sellers around the country. “As most of us know, smoking is one of the leading causes of lung cancer and other respiratory diseases worldwide. Unlike legally produced cigarettes, illicitly… Read more

  • COVID-19, mental health and substance abuse

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    People who abuse drugs or alcohol often do so to cope with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. A global pandemic like COVID-19 can trigger a wide range of emotional reactions, causing high levels of anxiety and stress for all of us. “Substance use and abuse during this time should be avoided but ironically,… Read more

  • Ten years sober!

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    My life revolved around alcohol, says 51-year-old James Algera who recently celebrated 10 years of sobriety. After growing up in Rustenburg in the North West, James – like all abled bodied South African boys at the time – was conscripted into the South African army for his national service. It was while in the army… Read more

  • Faith versus fear

    Faith versus fear

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    KAREN GRIESSEL, A SOCIAL WORKER AT JOHANNESBURG’S SANCA WEDGE GARDENS TREATMENT CENTRE, TALKS ABOUT FAITH VERSUS FEAR AND HOW HAVING FAITH CAN HELP THE ADDICTION RECOVERY PROCESS: During these trying times, a common experience many are having is the uncertainty of what tomorrow holds. There have been many job losses and few opportunities exist. Then… Read more