Full Circle Recovery Programme

SANCA Wedge Garden’s Full Circle Recovery Programme, for people battling substance addiction, is an holistic, systematic, problem-solving and reality therapy approach that makes use of professional counsellors including a clinical psychologist, social workers, medical and nursing practitioners and a spiritual therapist.

The programme’s core services include detoxification, in-house treatment, family sessions, family accommodation, a halfway house, aftercare services, and outreach programmes. To view in-depth information about these services please click here 


The phases of Wedge Garden’s Full Circle Recovery Programme include:

1st Phase

– Assessment –

Key programme elements
Key outcomes

Detoxification and stabilisation of physical condition. Initiation of self-awareness.

Maximize effect of external motivation.


Sub-elements of programme

Initial assessment interview. Completion of assessment instrument. Feedback provision.


2nd Phase


Key programme elements

Knowledge transfer and internalisation of motivation.


Key outcomes
Knowledge transfer – “Un-freezing” of patient, vulnerability development, knowledge transfer and internalisation, self-identification of condition.

Internalisation of motivation – self association with condition, internalising motivation, making a commitment to sobriety, reinforcement of benefits.


Sub-elements of programme

Group education, group therapy to integrate, Individual therapy to internalise, group skills training, problem solving skills, personal strategy development.


3rd Phase

-Recovery and reintegration-

Key programme elements
Recover and Rebuild and Re-integrate
Key outcomes

Action planning for new lifestyle, skills training, internalising new skills and actions, family intervention.

“Re-freezing” – ensuring sustainability in new course. Maintenance of sobriety.


Sub-elements of programme

Communication skills, stress management skills, conflict management skills, self-esteem reinforcement, assertiveness, planning skills.


Click to download the phases of the Full Circle Recovery Programme

Clients’ weekly activity schedule