Wedge Gardens Treatment Centre prides itself on positive feedback from its patients and their significant others.

This is what they have to say:

Clarinda and Maureen

I feel compelled to send a message of thanks and gratitude to the Lyndhurst-based Wedge Gardens Treatment Centre’s staff and management for all they have done and are doing for my dad and what it means to us. He has come so far in the past few months and is actually taking part in and appreciating life again. He literally has a life at Wedge which he has not had in I don’t even know how many years. Wedge is the best place for him mentally, physically and spiritually.

He is constantly occupied, taking part in things he never has before! He has male companionship and is able to add value by being a mentor and helping others. He is able to share his knowledge from his ‘gym owner’ days! He is meeting and interacting with men of all ages and professions, which gives him the mental stimulation he desperately needs. Wedge gives him a sense of purpose that he has nowhere else. He has been to a Grandparents’ Day at my twins’ school, we were able to share Father’s Day and his birthday with him, which we have also not done in years.

To be able to talk to him, not having to experience the aggression and just having him back on a level that we are able to communicate with him is more than words can express. All the staff at Wedge are very special people and without their endless patience, kindness and care this would not have been possible. You are all incredibly amazing people!

Mita Mashigo

“The world is divided into two parts. We get the old generation and the new generation. The old generation as I know it is kind, understanding and respectful to our elders. The new generation, on the other hand, is headstrong, lacking in respect, consideration and responsibility.

It is not that we are bad parents and don’t teach our children values but due to unforeseen events and mixing with the wrong crowds we, as parents, become second best, and so to do our values.

That is what happened to me. My son mixed with the wrong crowd and started using drugs, stealing, being disrespectful, and would not listen to reason. I never forsook him but prayed every day that he would see the light, clean up his act and remember his values. After all, he is still my son.

There were days when the stress got so bad that I lost faith, but then I was directed to Wedge Gardens Treatment Centre in Lombardy East.

The Wedge staff showed me that kindness does not come from status and money but from anyone whose heart is in the right place.

The staff members there are friendly and helpful. For that I am truly grateful.

Most of all, they showed that I should never lose faith in the only one in the world who knows you inside out, Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Fergus Gordon: 

I want to thank you for your contribution to my physical and mental healing over the last few months.

I know I was extremely low on your radar but it was because I realised early in the treatment the transformation would have to come from me, internalising and defragmenting my mind was indeed laborious but rewarding. You were always there to listen and critique constructively and this helped tremendously in prioritising the important and discarding the chaff.

I am looking forward to the next phase of my journey, so much is different and new yet and exciting. It is amazing how life’s colour, taste and texture improve immeasurably when you view it through an unpolluted lens.

Problems become more manageable and this allows one to concentrate on love and happiness. Please do not think I am underestimating the challenges, things will not become easier….I am simply better equipped to deal with obstacles, in no small part thanks to you.

I wish you and your incredible colleagues all that is good and know that many people will benefit from your wisdom and generous spirit that are dispensed with love and compassion.

I will never forget you.


Thank you to everyone at Wedge Gardens Treatment Centre who has played a role in the recovery that my dad is experiencing.

Alcohol had a devastating effect on our family for over 25 years. Apart from the ‘life’ wasted from my dad’s side, I am slowly coming to realise some of the effects his drinking had on our lives as well. It is people like you who have given us hope again.

The Wedge team has taken such a load off us and given him so much direction, that I truly believe he has a great chance of joining the ranks of those who can honestly say they have overcome this killer disease. He is already at 7.5 months sobriety.

I had been praying for years for a solution to this and eventually the Lord led us to Rand Aid. I believe it was in His perfect time and perfect will.

Thank you again for the many hours you spent counselling us, without which I feel our chances would have been halved. You have given us all the courage to talk openly about our feelings and this has led to a point where I feel we can support each other in this time.

I am sure that sometimes you feel what you are doing is a thankless job and that you are fighting a losing battle, but please remember that every now and again you will win, you will save lives and families. Thank you again and may God bless you all beyond your wildest dreams for the impact you have had on our lives and that of many other strangers.

The Shadow

Broken, Battered, Emotionally Shattered,
Lonely, Afraid, So many debts unpaid,
Hopeless, Lost, Such a terrible cost
The shadow of the man I’d been,
I come to Wedge Gardens so much to redeem,
Food, Shelter, Life no longer a skelter,
Therapy, Medication, A new realisation,
Compassion, Care, Allows me to dare – Have Hope, Faith, Dreams and Courage,
For dedication and efforts so often unsung,
Thank you Wedge Gardens for all you have,
The shadow has gone.

– left anonymously for Wedge Gardens staff –