Programmes offered by Wedge Gardens

  1. Alcohol detoxification – 5 & 7 day programmes
  2. Drug detoxification – 14 days
  3. 28-day programme
  4. Three-month programme
  5. Halfway house
  6. Aftercare
  7. Wedge Gardens Therapeutic Community

* The length of the programme can also be structured to suit the patient’s needs.

Our various programmes consist of the following services:


* A fully registered detoxification unit – with daily doctor’s visits

* 24-hour nursing care

* A safe comfortable detoxification

* Detoxification therapy programme in order to enhance motivation for the longer treatment

* Harm reduction for Opiate Addiction, with the use of Equity Methadone and the option of a maintenance programme

28-day and three-month programmes

* Individual therapy

* Group therapy

* Alcohol and drug education

* Family therapy

* Family education

* Occupational therapy

* Alcoholics Anonymous & Narcotics Anonymous

* Extensive leisure development strategies

* Short period of work therapy in order to enhance structure and routine on a daily basis

* Clients who complete primary in-patient rehabilitation but are yet not employed can go to our secondary in-patient programme

Halfway house

* Reside on the property

* Continuous supportive therapy on an individual basis

* All meals catered for

* Alcoholics Anonymous & Narcotics Anonymous

* Aftercare

Clients making use of the halfway house must to either be employed or a full-time student, and must leave the property daily.


Wedge Gardens Treatment Centre’s aftercare runs on a monthly for those patients who have already completed the 28-day or three-month programme. There are various activities in the aftercare programme and even leisure activities such as a book club and sport activities are accommodated.

Wedge Gardens Therapeutic Community 

This programme offers full board and lodging on a more permanent basis to adult males 50 years and older who need a more structured environment in which to live.

Wedge Gardens Treatment Centre is SANCA affiliatedwg-sancalogo

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