Wedge Gardens counsels workers caught using drugs at work

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Employees of a Joburg company caught using dagga on work premises recently underwent what is hoped to be a life-changing event.

Imani PsychoSocial Solutions in Midrand was employed by the company to find a therapeutic solution to what could spiral into a workplace nightmare if left unchecked. Imani in turn contracted Sanca Wedge Gardens Treatment Centre.

Based in Whitney Gardens outside Johannesburg, Wedge Gardens offers in-patient rehabilitation programmes and runs substance abuse awareness programmes and interventions at workplaces and schools.

Wedge Gardens programme co-ordinator Hlumela Anderson, who holds an Honours degree in psychology and is studying towards her Honours degree in psychological counselling, presented an interactive six-week course for the seven employees.

Topics covered included an introduction to substance abuse, addiction, intervention processes, the consequences of substance abuse, how it affects an addict’s brain, and dealing with cravings.

“I found it interesting to see guys gaining insight into their substance use issues. On day one, most of them insisted they had control over their substance use and the employer was fussing over nothing. But, as the weeks went by, I could see that they had introspection and the lectures provided them with valuable information that made them realise they needed to change their ways.

“On the last day of the course, they showed appreciation to their employer for sending them on the course,” says Hlumela.

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