The power of positivity

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During these testing times of COVID-19, many people are struggling with depression and anxiety. This poses particular challenges to people already battling substance abuse problems, especially those who have a dual diagnosis and also battle mental health issues.

“It is said that we win over negativity with positivity. Good feelings and thoughts will hopefully snowball to create peace,” says Sanca Wedge Gardens rehab centre social worker Karen Griessel.

“It is important to choose to be around people who are positive as their attitude will rub off on you – and the opposite is also true because negativity breeds negativity.

“Easier said than done, you say?

“With the uncertainty brought about by the pandemic hanging over our heads, many people feel overwhelmed. We do, however, have power in our free will and choices. Doing the next right thing and making positive choices can be a great tool for bringing about a positive outcome in your mind’s eye.

“Have hope or faith that no matter the circumstances, something good will come of it and things will work out as they should. We can create an outcome by positive visualisation, which activates positive reinforced brain activity.

“Lastly, by knowing what you want, you will have a reason to try and change your mindset. This will add an emotional energy to drive the power of positivity.”

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