Step work in recovery: Step 5

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In this step, we admit to God, to ourselves and to another human beings the exact nature of our wrongs, says Karen Griessel, a social worker at SANCA Wedge Gardens.

“This is about the admission the person makes, together with the previous admissions of having a disease, needing help and that there is a Power that can help you.

“Two things that are important in this step are courage and a sense of trust in the recovery process. This will help you work through specific fears and go through with the admissions needed. Facing fears is essential in knowing them but, more importantly, in moving forward in spite of them.

“By making an effort to share your fears and by admitting them to the God of your understanding, the spiritual meets the everyday and the ordinary meets the extraordinary, which makes the admission meaningful.

“By surrendering to the truth, you will learn how to build honest relationships, which are very different to the relationships in addiction, which are mostly about taking from others through lies and manipulation. This uncovers the exact nature of your wrongs by identifying patterns and reasons for a common thread – this process is commonly known as a character defects inventory.

“It must be said that without the spiritual principles of trust, courage, self honesty and commitment, it will be impossible to get through this step. Ultimately. Step 5 promotes self-acceptance, which opens the door for further and deeper recovery.”

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