SANCA Wedge Gardens nursing staff are kicking their habit

SANCA Wedge Gardens’ nurses are up for the challenge and are kicking their habits in support of SANCA’s Kick Your Campaign this week.

For many nurses, their chosen profession brings lots of rewards, including a sense of satisfaction from making a positive difference in patients’ lives.

On the other hand, nursing can also be stressful.

Long hours on your feet, managing emergencies and meeting clinical demands can all take their toll on your body and mind. As a result, some nurses may develop unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as eating poorly, not getting enough sleep or not staying active enough.

For most nurses it is not that they don’t know what healthy eating is, but that working long hours simply gets in the way.

SANCA’s annual Kick Your Habit campaign – running this week from 21 to 27 June – gives SANCA Wedge Gardens’ nursing staff a week to make changes to their eating habits and also raise awareness of the complexities surrounding addiction and dependence.

By giving up one habit that gives you pleasure, you can experience what substance dependents may go through during treatment.