SANCA Wedge Gardens honours its nurses

In honour of National Nurse’s Week 2021, Estelle Raath from SANCA Wedge Gardens treatment centre had the following to say to all of Wedge Gardens’ nurses:

“I acknowledge the work you perform every day. What a fortunate time to publicly share this recognition. I am so proud of all the nurses who work at SANCA Wedge Gardens. Each of you has devoted additional resources to navigate the challenges placed before you for our patients.

“I am proud to be a nurse and to stand by you during the most challenging healthcare crisis we have encountered in a century. Thank you for the work you do so tirelessly and ensuring quality care to our patients. Let’s continue to work together to give the nursing profession a voice to lead!”

Pictured are SANCA Wedge Gardens’ nurses Lydia Maseko, Estelle Raath and Merrios Maluleke.